A bean to cup coffee machine is a type of coffee maker equipped with a built-in bean grinder. With a push of a button, it grinds beans, compresses ground coffee, extract, and transfer espresso into your cup. Some machines even steam milk into your drink automatically, while others give you the flexibility to froth milk on your own for the perfect latte, cappuccino or macchiato. We have divided bean to cup coffee machines into four sub-categories:

  • Drip – Much like the trusty coffee makers that our parents used for years, a bean-to-cup drip brewer is a machine that produces a batch of freshly brewed coffee in a carafe. The main difference with these modern drip brewers is the presence of an integrated bean grinder, and sometimes, a reusable filter made of stainless steel or plastic. The best thing about modern drip-type bean-to-cup coffee machines is that most models have a programmable timer, which means it can brew coffee even before you wake up.
  • Semi-automatic – A semi-automatic espresso machine is the coffee maker you see on most coffeehouses. It is a powerhouse equipped with a boiler, portafilter, lever/switch, and steam wand. There is a level of control with semi-automatic espresso, since you manually grind beans, tamp ground coffee, and start the extraction process. For milky drinks, you will also be the one to froth or steam milk.
  • Fully-automatic – Fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines mostly have a one-push-button operation. It does everything for you – from the grinding, tamping, extracting, frothing, and more. Most of these coffee makers are programmable to pre-set a user’s preferred drinks, coffee strength, temperature, and other functions.
  • One-cup bean-to-cup coffee machines – This type of bean-to-cup machine can either be a drip-type, semi-automatic espresso, or a fully automatic coffee maker. The only difference is that these machines are designed to accommodate only one cup per serving.

#1 Andrew James Premium Programmable Coffee Maker

The Andrew James premium programmable coffee maker ranks second in Amazon UK’s bean-to-cup coffee machines for a reason. It is a simple to operate and gorgeous to look at machine that works perfectly as advertised (except for the amount of cups produced, which we think usually causes confusion depending on the size of cups a user owns).

This machine grinds beans, or skips grinding if you place pre-ground coffee instead. It then brews for about 2-3 minutes per serving, and keeps the coffee warm on the hotplate-heated carafe.

Read more about Andrew James Premium Programmable Coffee Maker here…


One of the cheapest bean-to-cup coffee machines in the market Requires cleaning of filter and carafe after each brew
Doesn’t look cheap, even with plastic parts mixed into the stainless plates Refilling of water is needed after every 12 cups
Controllable grind size, coffee strength and number of cups Coffee extract not as strong as espresso-machine-produced coffee
Pre-set automatic brewing times

Reason to Buy: If you love black coffee and want to enjoy the convenience of a bean-to-cup machine (without the expensive tag price), the Andrew James premium programmable coffee maker can deliver.

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#2 VonShef Programmable Digital Filter Coffee Maker with Integrated Grinder and Reusable Filter

VonShef’s programmable digital filter coffee maker is a compact machine ideal for any modern kitchen. With adjustable coffee quantity, it can brew 4 cups to fit the coffee fix of person or small groups, up to 12 cups for larger groups.

Like other bean-to-cup coffee machines, grinding can be quite noisy, but it only takes a few seconds to make grounds for each serving. Aside from that minor blip, this machine brews fresh coffee with either a push or a button or pre-set times.

Read more about VonShef’s programmable digital filter coffee maker here…


Reusable stainless steel filter (with option for paper filters) Small 1.5-liter water capacity
Programmable with intuitive LCD display Noisy grinder

Reason to Buy: Go with the VonShef programmable digital coffee maker if you want freshly brewed coffee ready for you in the morning.

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#3 Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express Coffee Machine and Grinder

The Sage by Heston Blumenthal “The Barista Express” won’t make you a cup of coffee automatically, but it will produce some of the best-tasting espresso shots you’ll ever have. That is, if you use quality beans.

Since this professional-looking machine is semi-automatic, you should enjoy the process of making coffee barista-style. You’ll be grinding beans, tamping coffee ground, extracting and frothing/steaming milk all on your own.

Of course, you’re backed with a powerful Thermacoil heating technology and 15-bar Italian made pump that delivers impeccable-tasting espresso every time.

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Tons of control for consistently-perfect espresso Requires more effort than other bean to cup machines
Create unlimited number of drinks Cleaning is more complicated compared to other types of machines
Stainless steel, coffeeshop-quality machine Bulky

Reason to Buy: This machine isn’t a one-push espresso maker, but all the effort you put into creating your favorite drinks would be worth it once you taste the consistently fresh, rich and bold taste of the espresso.

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#4 Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Oracle Coffee Machine and Grinder

This Sage by Heston Blumenthal may look a lot like the Barista Espress, but the “Oracle” is definitely more powerful thanks to its dual boiler (that allows you to do a shot of espresso while frothing/steaming milk simultaneously). It is also equipped with an Over Pressure Valve, which ensures coffee grounds are extracted precisely without the risk of a burnt espresso taste.

Like the Barista Express, the Oracle has a built-in grinder, but you have to manually grind, tamp, and do espresso. But if you’re interested in learning tons of barista tricks, this is the machine to go.

Read more about Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Oracle Coffee Machine and Grinder here…


Create espresso shots and use frother at the same time Machine is bulky
Quality build and design Quite expensive
Impressive and consistent espresso taste Cleaning needs effort
Lots of flexibility for the barista at heart  Operation isn’t automatic

Reason to Buy: Anyone serious with their espresso and other milk-based coffee drinks should go with the Oracle for its powerful pump and boiler, as well as the unmatched quality of extracted coffee every time.

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#5 De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 Bean-to-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Machine

De’Longi has been a trusted brand of coffee makers for years, but the Magnifica ESAM4200 ranks #1 best-selling bean-to-cup coffee machine in Amazon UK.

This mid-priced coffee maker isn’t just popular as an inexpensive gateway to the world of bean-to-cup machines, but it also punches with impressively consistent, near-perfect espresso.

It is equipped with a professional 15-bar pump pressure, and a stainless steel milk-frothing arm, allowing users to create any milk-based drinks. It can accommodate both ground coffee and beans, plus it lets you adjust bean-grinding to customize coffee strength. The auto-cleaning cycle, auto-shutoff and auto-prewarm are pretty useful functions for the advanced coffee lovers.

Read more about 5. De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 Bean-to-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Machine here…


Expertly extracts amazing-tasting espresso Cup-warming tray doesn’t warm enough
Americano one-push button Large size; not ideal for small kitchens
Controllable grind size, coffee strength and number of cups Cleaning takes effort
Pre-set automatic brewing times  No delay timer/pre-programmed drinks

Reason to Buy: If you want perfectly extracted coffee all the time, and is willing to do a bit of work, the De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 won’t let you down. It ranks #1 for being the most value-for-money bean to cup coffee machines in the market today.

#6 BERG Toccare Uno B Series One Touch Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

BERG Toccare Uno is a pretty little, one-touch automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine. It is presented in a shiny black (or white) plastic body with easy-to-understand control buttons.

Every drink is one-push, so there’s no effort to mix a latte, cappuccino, espresso, Americano, and more. Since the machine cleans itself whenever you turn it on, here’s where you have to work for a bit: the drip tray fills up quite easily, so you’d have to clean it up.

Everything else is easy, from refilling the bean hopper to filling up the water tank, setting up coarseness of groups, and other functions.

Read more about BERG Toccare Uno here…


No-brainer mixing of drinks Drip tray easily fills up
Pre-set personal preferences for each drink Not much controls with espresso
Easy to clean Not ideal for oily coffee beans
Straightforward controls  Noisy grinder

Reason to Buy: Go for the BERG Toccare Uno B Series One Touch Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine if you like your milk-infused drinks made quickly and consistently with just a push of a button.

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#7 Gaggia Accademia Bean to Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Machine

The Gaggia Accademia has many desirable features not found in other bean-to-cup coffee machines. Aside from having a dual boiler, its built-in grinder also has a bypass doser for those times you run out of beans or want a decaf pre-ground coffee instead.

The Accademia is equipped with a built-in water filter. Our favorite feature of this stainless steel machine is probably the very nifty milk management system, which consists of a removable milk container that you just snap into the unit when you need to make milk-based drinks.

Like the brewing unit, this milk system also has a self-cleaning function, letting you store the container inside the fridge without the need to clean anything. Accademia creates drinks with a one-push button, so no need to manually do any coffee-making tasks.

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Self-cleaning milk management system Need to empty drip tray often
Mixes espresso-based drinks with one touch Froth temperature may not be high enough for other people
Separate steam wand and frother Expensive
Plenty of personalization controls  Small water tank

Reason to Buy: Ideal for a family of coffee drinkers or office use, the Accademia can be an impressive machine for those who love the convenience of one-touch coffee-making, and go with milk-based drinks more often than black coffee.

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#8 De’Longhi Magnifica ECAM22.320.SB Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Coffeehouse-quality espresso-based drinks can be made with just a push of a button thanks to De’Longhi Magnifica ECAM22.320.SB. It combines the convenience of a full-automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine with quick one-press buttons, plus the flexibility of semi-manual machines with its heavy-duty milk frother.

De’Longhi Magnifica ECAM22.320.SB is a gorgeous coffee maker, made mostly of stainless steel and hints of black plastic. It gives users the ability to control bean grind settings from coarse to fine, as well as pre-set water temperature and other functions.

It self-rinses, too! And turns off automatically when the machine is left idle for 3 hours.

Our favorite feature about this bean-to-cup machine is the easy, one-press “long” function for anyone who loves their Americano freshly brewed.

Read more about the De’Longhi Magnifica ECAM22.320.SB Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine here…


One-press “Long” coffee function No warning when bean hopper is empty
Manual steam/milk frother Requires water filters
Intuitive controls and user-friendly design Learning curve on steam wand
Quality stainless steel build  Milk frother takes a while to heat up

Reason to Buy: If you are a serious coffee drinker who wants custom-made drinks consistent, but don’t want to learn barista skills yet, the De’Longhi Magnifica ECAM22.320.SB is a perfect fit for you.

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#9 Melitta Caffeo Solo and Milk Fully Automatic Coffee Maker with Milk Steamer

The Melitta Caffeo Solo is one modern-looking bean-to-cup machine. Keeping everything – including the bean hopper, grinder, and water tank – hidden at the back of the unit, the Caffeo Solo looks neat and sleek.

It is equipped with a conical grinder, which you can easily adjust with a knob at the front panel. The highlight of Caffeo Solo is its pre-brew function, which gradually adds pressure to freshly ground coffee before extraction. This additional step preserves many of the coffee’s oils usually stripped by pressurized hot water.

The Caffeo Solo lets you pre-program your favorite drinks and let you use the same settings for later.

Read more about the Melitta Caffeo Solo and Milk Fully Automatic Coffee Maker with Milk Steamer here…

Sleek design Only 1.2-liter capacity water tank
Single or Double espresso with manual milk frother Refilling of water needed more often
Pre-brewing function for richer espresso taste Bulky for small kitchens
Programmable controls and drinks  Drip tray has to be cleared frequently due to self-rinse function

Reason to Buy: For anyone looking for a fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine with a powerful grinder, solid build and user-friendly controls, the Caffeo Solo can be your go-to café.

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#10 Gaggia Brera Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The Gaggia Brera bean-to-cup coffee machine operates with a ceramic burr grinder, which is known to provide better-quality ground coffee than stainless steel-made machines. It has a water filter and produces near-perfect milk foam thanks to the rapid steam technology and the Pannarello steam wand, designed to make effortless milk texture for specialty drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

The Gaggia Brera is also quite compact for a bean-to-cup machine, but the build doesn’t look flimsy at all. With only four simple buttons and a tiny display, this machine is very easy to operate even if you don’t have barista skills.

Read more about Gaggia Brera Bean to Cup Coffee Machine here…


Front water tank Easily fills up drip tray
Impressive steam technology and steam wand Not much customization options
Easy one-push milk-based coffee drinks Need to buy water filter replacements
Compact and modern design

Reason to Buy: One of the smallest bean-to-cup coffee machines in the market, the Gaggia Brera is a dream for coffee lovers who want their lattes and other milk-infused drinks with the perfect milk texture every time. Although the Brera also produces shots of espresso perfectly, cappuccinos and lattes is where this machine shines.

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