The Oracle coffee machine and grinder is one of the most advanced bean-to-cup machines from Sage by Heston Blumental. It is an impressive machine that features a dual boiler system, integrated grinder, 15-bar pump, automated milk frother, and over pressure valve. Plus, with Sage’s “White Glove” experience that involves a trained crew visiting your home to help with set-up, tuning and testing the machine.

Not only is the coffee machine backed by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, the Oracle also claims to be the world’s first espresso machine that grinds, doses, tamps and froths milk automatically, while giving users some flexibility for manual operation.

Product Features

Dual boiler system and Over Pressure Valve

The Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Oracle Coffee Machine is equipped with a stainless steel dual boiler triple heat system, which means you can extract coffee, while using the steam wand simultaneously. It was designed with PID technology that extracts espresso shot to within +/- 1°C of the selected temperature and a dedicated steam boiler. Because the boilers are separate, coffee flavors and aroma would be much more optimal.

Like other Sage by Heston Blumenthal bean-to-cup machines, the Oracle also has the ‘Over Pressure Valve’ feature, which ensure the extraction process only reaches the maximum pressure and no higher. This essential part is what prevents the machine from producing burnt-tasting espresso.

Integrated grinder

Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Oracle Coffee Machine comes with a built-in grinder. The conical burr grinder was made with heavy-duty stainless steel. It has 18 different settings (from coarse to fine), which allows you to adjust depending on how strong or weak the coffee you like, or to suit the type of coffee beans you’re going to use.

For those who prefer pre-ground coffee, the Oracle also accommodates powdered coffee.

Water Filtration

The water tank has its own filtration system that ensures the water you’re going to use for your coffee is clean. The tank is bigger than most bean-to-cup coffee machines, with a water capacity of 2 liters (instead of the standard 1.5L). This is perfect for large groups for home or office use.

15-Bar Pump and Pre-infusion

The Oracle extracts coffee with a 15-bar Italian-made pump. Unlike other machines that directly adds pressure during extraction, it boasts of a low pressure pre-infusion, which works by delivering water pressure gently at 2-4 bar to give time for coffee grinds to expand. It will then increase to 9-bar during extraction and transfer oils to the espresso perfectly. The cool thing about this is you can even program the duration and pressure of pre-infusion.

Auto milk frother

If you like milk-based coffee, you can create lattes or cappuccinos automatically. You just need to select the type of milk texture and temperature you prefer.

“White Glove” service

Many users have attested to Sage’s White Glove Experience, wherein one of the company’s coffee experts will visit your home to install the Oracle, get the machine tuned up, talk you through the tools and cleaning process, and sample a couple of espressos with you. Every Oracle buyer can take advantage of this service without extra charge.

The Oracle Specifications and Technical details

Out of the box, the Oracle comes with the brewing unit, a 1 x 58 mm full stainless steel portafilter, a 480 ml stainless steel frothing jug, a wall filter basket, water filters, hard water strip indicator and a cleaning kit.

This exceptionally gorgeous machine is made mostly of steel and aluminum with some plastic parts hidden under the drip tray. The set of buttons and knobs at the side of the pressure gauge look professionally designed. Each of these controls are effortlessly pushed/turned, which is a huge plus.

With its dual boiler system, the Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Oracle Coffee Machine operates at 2400 watts. The bean hopper can hold up to 250 grams of your favorite coffee beans, which is the equivalent of about 25 espresso shots.

This bean-to-cup machine has the “programmable pour” or “semi-automatic” function to control the volume of espresso at a push of a button. You have two options: 30ml for a single shot and 60ml for double, both of which can be adjusted to your liking.

The Oracle comes with a 2-year warrant for repair and replacement parts.

Editorial Reviews


  • The Sage by Heston Blumenthal The Oracle coffee machine is an excellent appliance – one that gives you the feel of a manual espresso device with the option for automated control of the more fiddly bits of the coffee-making process.


  • The Sage Oracle Espresso Coffee Machine really is a cut from its counterparts in the market. It looks amazing and performs wonderfully as well.

  • For me personally, the idea behind this machine (to bring Barista espresso making within reach of the mere mortal by designing a machine which ensures that an untrained average person can’t make a terrible coffee with this espresso machine, but that they have more of a part to play than just pressing a button) is genius, and in my humble opinion having spent a few days with this machine in my kitchen, Sage have done an incredible job with it!

  • Totally amazing machine. Makes every type of drink perfectly. Coffee is better than the high street shops. Amazing hot chocolates. It is 100 worth the money. I have already saved 200 on bought coffee this month

User Reviews

  • Jake Scott – (5/5) “So far has been absolutely spot on. Perfect coffee every time. But you absolutely have to use freshly roasted beans! Maintenance has been minimal so far, and coffee consistency has been good, but the real test is how well these machines work a few years down the line of course…”

  • Graham Henton – (5/5) “Practically Perfect machine in every way by Sage/Breville, can’t fault it. Good customer service and even better from sage them self’s, you are treated as a bespoke customer for purchasing one of their machines and they will send out certain replacement items for your machine free of charge, as I say grand customer service.”

  • Sarah Mills – (5/5) “A one time purchase ……. I hope. So far, so good. This machine is a step above any I have used before. Nice addition to my kitchen too. Rather pricey but it gets used every day, it is a quality bit of kit, easy to set up and use. The flavour of the coffee is fantastic, but don’t buy your beans from the supermarket, go to a reputable coffee bean seller and get the date of when the beans were roasted. I know this sounds mad, but the fresher the roast, the better the bean resulting in better coffee.”

  • Hunter – (5/5) “Best cup of coffee I have ever tasted. Machine failed after two weeks with faulty thermostat and Sage customer service was brilliant and new one delivered straight away, that is customer service. Dropped off new one and picked up old one, no hassles.”

  • Norma H. – (5/5) “Bought it as a present – the newest version of the fantastic coffee maker from Sage we already have. Wow! This is absolutely amazing! Looks fabulous, making coffee has never been more pleasant, and clean, and quick, and cool! And the coffee is brilliant! What a fantastic buy! Expensive, but worth every penny!.”

  • Alexandru Marin – (5/5) “Amazing product which help me start my day with a smile on my face!”

  • Couldn’t be happier with the Machine. No doubt it is expensive but I feel that it is worth it. I’m yet to have the ‘white glove’ visit but look forward to be shown more control to the machine. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Oracle to anyone looking for a luxury coffee machine.

  • “Excellent really enjoying such good quality coffee at home. One point. A built in spirit level would be a good idea to ensure the espresso flows equally into both cups”

  • “Bought this machine to replace a Neff built in coffee machine. The Neff was good, but this machine is better the dual boilers make it easy to quickly make good coffee. The automatic milk frother works really well. The coffee is great and you can easily adjust settings to your preferences.

  • “Having used a Jura machine for the last 12 years it was always going to difficult to find an adequate replacement. Then along came the Oracle! Giving such a great level of control but with the difficult bits automated was a stroke of genius. Great coffee EVERY time.


  • First fully automatic bean-to-cup machine with manual functions
  • Hands-free grinding, tamping and texturing
  • Makes 2 cappuccinos in 90 seconds
  • Create espresso and froth milk simultaneously
  • Auto milk inclusion with adjustable texture and temperature
  • Single or Double shots (can be programmed)
  • One-push Americano (Long Black) button
  • 13 coffee bean grind settings
  • Water filter included in the tank
  • Auto-start at your chosen pre-set time


  • Higher-range price
  • Takes time setting up to your preferences


Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Oracle Coffee Machine gives coffee lovers a chance to tinker with a professional barista-level machine without the need for barista skills. It is a fully automatic bean-to-cup machine with a manual feel. Everything about this coffee maker is professionally made, both interior and exterior gives a level of sophistication not found in any other machines of its kind.