The Philips Saeco HD8761/01 comes from the Minuto coffee machine line. It is a fully-automatic, bean-to-cup machine designed to produce high-quality espresso at a press of a button. One look at this machine and you know Saeco took time in the design and controls. Inside, it is equipped with only industry-standard parts for perfect grinding, tamping, extracting and brewing.

Product Features

The Philips Saeco Espresso machine Minuto HD8761/01 is an impressive-looking, minimalist bean-to-cup machine that does what it advertises – create flavourful, aromatic, crema-topped espresso with virtually no manual controls.

Ceramic grinder

The Saeco HD8761/01 is equipped with a ceramic-made, integrated grinder. A ceramic material not only reduces the chances of overheating, the grinder can also perform its job more efficiently with less time and effort.

The built-in grinder can also be adjusted into five coarseness levels. The stronger-tasting you like your coffee to be, the higher the level of coarseness you should choose.

Programmable with Memory Function

With the Saeco HD8761/01, you can adjust coffee strength, type of cup (in length), and other options, then save it onto the machine’s hard drive. From then on, you can have your preferred drinks made with quick access at the sleek control panel.

Classic Milk Frother

The Saeco HD8761/01 won’t froth the milk for you automatically, but if you’re interested in improving your barista skills, this is the way to go. The frother is there for your latte, macchiato, and cappuccino’s milky texture.

No-brainer cleaning

This bean-to-cup machine is equipped with a fully automatic rinsing and de-scaling functions. However, if you wish to remove the parts and clean them manually, you can easily do so. The servings container, water tank, and drip tray are all dishwasher-safe.

Product Specifications and Technical details

The ceramic grinder of the Saeco HD8761/01 is complimented with a professional 15-bar pump, which makes it even faster to extract coffee grounds and retain its oils and aroma after each serving.

This bean-to-cup machine is quite bulky, so it would require a bigger space on your kitchen countertop or office pantry. It measures 29 x 50 x 46.5 centimeters, but weigh only 9 kilograms, which is quite surprising for its size.

The water tank is standard for this type of machine; It could accommodate up to 1.8 litres of water at each refill. The bean container can fill about 250 grams of beans.

Our favorite part about this machine is the design. Although much of the panels are made with shiny black plastic with hints of stainless steel (for the espresso spout and drip tray), the Saeco HD8761/01 doesn’t look cheap at all. It’s probably due to the intuitive display interface right at the upper part of the front panel.

User Reviews

  • Monkey – (5/5) “great product! arrived on time and makes excellent coffee. as fgood as much more expensive versions out there. this is a bean to cup machine so it is quite noisey as it grinds the coffee but that isnt specific to this machine. its also easy to use and tells you when you need to clen it, add beans, water etc.”

  • IB – (5/5) “Got this to replace my Saeco HD8836 that had finally died. The new machine holds more water, more coffee beans, holds more coffee waste than the other machine and is also smaller. Coffee is as good, if not better. Initially I thought there was a problem with the unit as the first few coffee ‘pucks’ it spat into the waste were just sludge rather than the usual firm puck, but after about 10 or so coffees it now works as expected. I know the machine self adjusts to bean type so it could be the reason.”

  • Gadget Fan – (5/5) “Took a while to get the best coffee out of it, but after about 15 cups it produced a noticeably better crema. I adjusted mine for the strongest coffee, which you can easily do by shortening the brew time and changing the coarseness of the grind. I can’t speak of the frothing ability as I only drink espresso from it, but I’m very pleased with it. It is simple to use, and on average I only need to empty it once a week – I’m having one or two coffees a day usually. It delivers the closest thing to coffee shop espresso that I’ve tried yet, although that might have something to do with the amazing coffee beans I discovered in a local coffee shop. They weren’t cheap (£24 for 1 Kg) but boy are they good – the brand is “il Moretto” from Itlay obviously. If you buy a machine like this you obviously like proper coffee, so give it the beans it deserves! Don’t think the beans I’m using a widely available, but will let people know if I find out where you can get them.”

  • Josh – (5/5) “I am really pleased with this purchase. Was able to obtain over Labor Day while Seattle Coffee Gear had it on sale. The machine itself makes a full flavored, full bodied coffee. While designed to make coffee and espresso, I think the coffee is where this machine shines. By giving you 5 different, programmable settings for strength you can make coffee the way you want it. The steam wand performs as advertised and delivers hot water for tea, hot chocolate, etc. While the machine is mostly constructed from plastic, the construction is solid. Easy to remove the drip tray and empty dregs. Would prefer a larger drip tray, but that is minor.”

  • Coffeehollic – (5/5) “I just purchased this machine in the silver model, I am so happy with this machine took some time to tweak it the way I liked it, but once set I am getting some very tasty coffee. I usually do a few cups in the morning and cappuccino after dinner. Buy one at this price you will not be disappointed at all. A very nice superauto that also makes a pretty good cup of regular coffee as well.”

  • DAZ – (5/5) “Just got the Minuto Black and it does just what is is designed to do, although it was refurbished and has a few scratches on the access door overall fantastic machine for an Amazing price. Would recommend at full strength and finest grind setting. I’ll update after 6 months!”

  • JanVerheyen – (4/5) “I can recommend to anyone this device. Easy to use, compact. Put wonderful coffee (provided proper beans of course, I use Taeymans coffee.) The only downside is that it makes more noise than the Delonghi Esam 4200.”

  • Espresso Tester – (5/5) “A handy device with a lot of ease of use, easy to operate and good self-regulating maintenance facilities. Easy to clean and provides a perfect and especially a hot espresso.”


  • Produces exceptional espresso
  • Inexpensive compared to other auto-espresso machines
  • Quality build despite plastic parts


  • Noisy grinder
  • Not ideal for oily beans
  • Adjustable spout doesn’t reach espresso shot glasses


The Saeco Minuto Focus HD8761/01 is a fully automatic espresso machine that provides flexibility with its manual frother and available controls. It produces high-quality espresso with a push of a button. It’s a great-looking machine with a user-friendly interface, but it’s only ideal for coffee lovers who enjoy control over frothing/steaming their milk. If you prefer the fully-auto version of this machine, go with the Minuto Class (silver model) from the same line, but with the convenience of an automatic milk system.