The Melitta Caffeo Solo is a user-friendly, no-fuss, fully automatic coffee maker with a professional brewing system, a milk steamer and bean grinder in one stylish-looking machine. It is ideal for those who want their coffee consistent and perfect at every serving without having to do special barista tricks, or adjusting numerous knobs and controls.

When it comes to coffee, Melitta is a brand that has been in the industry for decades. The company has been manufacturing home-use machines since 1908, and is the brains behind the coffee filter. Melitta combined its knowledge of coffee-making with modern technology to produce the Melitta Caffeo Solo and Milk Coffee Maker, the world’s smallest fully automatic bean-to-cup machine.

Melitta Caffeo Solo Features

The Melitta Caffeo Solo was designed to create hot drinks of your choice, from espresso to macchiatos, lattes to frothy cappuccinos, and even tea or hot chocolate thanks to the readily-available hot water. The main feature of this bean-to-cup machine is its steam nozzle, which handles all kinds of milk to create either a velvety cream or milky foam.

Automatic grinder & Pre-Brew Function

The stainless steel conical grinder is hidden at the heart of the machine. It turns on with a push of a button, releasing a couple of coffee beans from the container, extracting the powdered coffee thanks to the 15-bar pump pressure, and pouring it into either one or two cups.

Users can adjust the coffee strength from the grind settings. The right chrome knob at the front panel has 3 grinding settings, from fine to coarse, which directly affects how strong or weak the espresso will be.

The cool thing about the Melitta Caffeo Solo is that it has an automatic grinding quality control, which we haven’t seen in any other bean-to-cup machine. In addition, this bean-to-cup machine has a pre-brew function, wherein water is injected into coffee as the beans are being ground, to retain the oils from your coffee beans and maximise flavour.

Removable Water tank

The water tank, which can accommodate 1.2 litres of water, has its own automatic water-level sensor. This means it won’t work if the water is not enough to make a shot of espresso. You can adjust the water quantity from 20 to 220 ml, depending on how many cups or how big a coffee cup you’re planning to make for one serving.

Each unit is provided with one pack of filter, which the machine will use for automatically filtering water. You can also program water hardness to ensure your coffee heats up appropriately.

Adjustable temperature & Power-saving Function

You can program the Melitta Caffeo Solo’s temperature output to 87C, 90C, or 93C, which is a useful set of settings particularly for those who feel that bean-to-cup machines produce not enough heat per serving.

Aside from the manual on/off switch, the machine also has standby and auto-shutoff functions, which eat up only 10 watts of power.

Customizable for Your Preferred Cup of Coffee

While the Melitta Caffeo Solo is completely automatic, users still have quite a few settings that they can tinker with to arrive at a personalized cup of coffee. You have the option of going with a short or long coffee, since the coffee dispenser adjusts its height up to 135 mm.

The machine accommodates two drinks at once. You can choose your coffee strength (from grind settings) and brewing temperature in one single twist of the knob. All your personalized settings can be saved even after switching the machine off because of its “memory” function.

User-friendly Maintenance

The Melitta Caffeo Solo has an automatic cleaning function and de-scale, which you can do with just a push of a button. As for the brewing unit, bean chamber, water tank, stainless steel drip tray, and milk frothing nozzle, and other removable parts, you can rinse or wipe off dirt easily.

What we like about Caffeo is that unlike other machines that self-rinse every time you turn it on, you have the option of setting the rinsing times.

Melitta Caffeo Solo Specifications and Technical details

The Melitta Caffeo Solo is available in either black or silver finish, both of which impressed us with their sleek and minimalist design. It may look bulky in the photos, but this machine actually just measures 45.5 x 20 x 32.5 cm and weighs 9 kilograms. In fact, Melitta claims that this model is the world’s smallest fully automatic coffee maker in the world.

What we like about the Caffeo Solo is that it is one of the few machines with a bean chamber and water tank completely hidden from sight. A 120-gram capacity container is placed at the far back, near the 1.2-liter capacity water tank. Chrome dials and a modern energy-efficient LED display compliments the minimalist approach of the design.

The machine runs at 1400 watts peak power and plugs into a 220-240 volt outlet. For those particular with cup temperature, there’s a 2-unit cup tray at the top of the machine so you could pre-heat cups before brewing.

Editorial Reviews

  • The qualities of the Solo, the steam nozzle and more! Compared to the lower models in the range, this one stands out for its particularly effective nozzle that allows the distribution of hot water! With the right hand, pass beautiful and good cappuccinos 😉 Melitta proves once again its efficiency with a result in flawless cup!

  • The Melitta E953-101 Caffeo Solo coffee machine offers great features along with great value for money. If you’ve never used a bean to coffee machine before you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to use, and at the quality of drink that it provides.

  • I have had a Saeco, a Jura and they both have their pluses and minuses. I have been told that Melitta employed technicians from both. This machine makes really good coffee and nothing else. No frothed milk, no steamed milk just great coffee

  • Melitta has created a high end, high quality machine with all the capabilities you need for an excellent home bean to cup coffee machine. It’s been designed with a coffee drinker who enjoys various types of coffee and flavours of beans in mind. The dual coffee compartment is a fantastic design element for those who like to mix it up and the separate section for pre-ground coffee makes life so much easier. This isn’t a machine for a drone, it’s a machine for a person who has their own individual tastes and preferences.

User Reviews

  • Vivienne Lesley Clifton – (5/5) “Found Melitta machine easy to use makes great coffee and is a good attraction to any kitchen

  • Entrailies – (5/5) “Does what it says on the tin!! Superb Coffee. However, item turned up with a European plug on it which I had to remove/replace with a UK plug before I could use it. Apart from that I am very happy with it.”

  • Ed Hayes – (5/5) “Love this coffee machine. It makes great coffee. Maintenance is easy. When we got it it was missing one component and it was resolved quickly.”

  • Anonymous – (5/5) “brilliant, easy to use, exceptional coffee (depends on the beans of course), and the self cleaning. System is a dream”

  • Steven Ashton – (5/5) “Regarding the coffee machine it’s simply perfect for me. It’s compact easy to use and creates some sensational tasting coffee.”

  • Dion Church – (5/5) “Been using this for 2 weeks, simple to use and makes excellent coffee, highly recommended.”

  • Jill Webster – (5/5) “Fabulous coffee maker and so user friendly”

  • Mr Sl Ryan – (5/5) “So far this machine has excelled my expectations, easy to use, clean and coffee is just great, good bye Gaggia, there’s a new kid on the block!!!”

  • Marc C Dixon – (5/5) “Lovely coffee, can’t fault it”

  • Nicolae Adrian Paglesan – (5/5) “100% perfectly product”

  • Olivier – (5/5) “ery simple to service. Just grope for good coffee program length for the first two cups. When the machine starts up, what a pleasant smell of coffee !!! Finally, a big thank you to Maxicoffee. Deadlines, always reachable, and excellent coffee” beans.

  • Thedude – (4/5) “A week ago I use this machine every day … 4-5 coffees a day … even very early … all the fashion continues to sleep … actually it was my fear … NOISE … but it’s not the … Consume more water than a pod machine because regular cleaning cycles.”

  • Papy Michel – (5/5) “Very happy with this purchase. The coffee is very good and one can choose lightweight and strong. The hot water nozzle is useful among other things for a hot chocolate (the little kids love).”

  • Dams34 – (5/5) “a great product that finally makes good coffee !! I particularly appreciated all the possibility of modulating the length of the coffee”

  • Laurent – (5/5) “very quality product, easy to use. First commissioned in just 10 minutes with the manual. Already 3 coffees made, and very good too! I recommend it to those seeking a good auto espresso machine, unbeatable value for money!”

  • Nico – (5/5) “Very nice machine, very simple to use everyday. I recommend to all coffee lovers.”

  • Fannycoffee – (5/5) “This machine is ideal to be enjoyed every day and at any time of the day excellent coffee just ground, full of aromas and flavors! !!”

  • AC1512 – (5/5) “I absolutely adore this coffee machine, is perfect size for home use and takeaway coffee. I’m addicted to latte/cappucino coffee so i don’t use it just for expresso, although I love the fact that you can make 2 coffees in the same time just by pressing twice the button for coffee. It did took me a while to figure out how to use it properly, as the manual book is not very explicit… I love the way the cappuccinorete makes the milk frothy, very smooth. It would be ideal a container for milk but I assume would need to buy separate.”

  • Giovanni Barreca – (5/5) “As a coffee connoisseur, I have always wanted a Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, and here it is! It looks great, is easy to use and makes an awesome Cappuccino or Espresso 🙂 Lots of features to make a coffee “how you like it” and once set-up, super easy to use. Slight negative is it’s depth makes it hard to sit on a worktop under wall-units, and the actual ‘heat’ of the drink could be hotter, however, I over came this by warming up the milk in the microwave first 😉 Love Coffee? You’ll love Malitta Caffeo SOLO”


  • Modern, unique design with hidden bean compartment
  • Easy-to-operate dials and knobs
  • Integrated cappuccino maker
  • Energy efficient
  • One-push descaling
  • Great tasting coffee, every time


  • Limited customization options
  • No advanced features for experimenting with coffee drinks
  • Water tank capacity is only 1.2 litres


The Melitta Caffeo Solo and Milk Fully Automatic Coffee Maker with Milk Steamer is everything it says it is. It is compact, fully automatic, and equipped with a grinder, milk steamer and powerful brewing system that transform coffee beans into freshly brewed espresso in a one-push dial.

The Caffeo Solo is a pretty straight-forward machine, with only a few programmable settings to personalize your coffee-making experience. Depending on what type of bean-to-cup machine you’re after, this can be a deal breaker, or not.

If black coffee is your thing, then there’s no question that the Caffeo Solo produces great-tasting coffee every time.