The Gaggia Accademia is a fully automatic, bean-to-cup coffee maker that can create a cup of espresso or cappuccino with just a push of a button. It’s a dream machine for coffee lovers who want the taste and temperature of their favorite milk-infused coffee consistent. There’s plenty of things the Accademia has to offer, all packed in a well-thought out, impressive stainless steel body.

Gaggia Accademia Features

The highlight of the Gaggia Accademia Bean to Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Machine (model number RI9702/04) is its one-pushbutton feature that lets you create six different drinks: espresso, caffe, cappuccino, latte macchiato, caffe lungo, and latte. There’s also a button for just hot water, in case you want an Americano, hot chocolate or tea.

What’s cool about these buttons is that you can reprogram the menu for each drink, including the amount of coffee, temperature, water volume, pre-brewing and pre-infusion times, as well as milk foam. You can experiment all you want with these settings, and be able to restore the factory default setting if you need to.

Integrated Grinder with Bypass Doser

The Gaggia Accademia is equipped with a built-in ceramic burr grinder and seven coarseness/fineness settings to customize the strength of coffee. It also has a bean hopper with bypass doser, which allows you to use either pre-ground coffee.

Powerful Dual Boilers

This bean-to-cup machine has an impressive 15-bar pump to complement its twin stainless steel boilers. With two boildes, the Accademia lets you brew and froth milk simultaneously and let you enjoy the drink once more quickly. The machine also has pre-brewing function that adds slight pressure to freshly ground coffee before brewing, which helps in keeping the oils, aroma and flavor of the beans more effectively.

Built-in Water Filter

The water tank can fill up to 1.7 liters of water. It comes with a four-step Mavea water filter built into the water tank, ensuring each cup of coffee is free from mineral build up. Users can also control water hardness, which is a useful function since there is no universal water hardness level.

Milk Management System

This system makes the Gaggia Accademia a fully automatic powerhouse. Users press the one-touch button that delivers frothed/steamed milk directly into the cup. Depending on your chosen drink, milk textures can be customized completely.

Unlike other machines that require a separate milk jug for steaming or frothing milk, the Accademia’s removable milk container can be stored in the fridge if not in use. If you want to brew a milk-infused coffee drink, just snap the container back into the machine.

For those who want to control steaming or frothing manually, a separate steam wand is placed adjacent to the milk carafe. It also serves as the hot water dispenser for tea drinkers and hot chocolate lovers.

Every time you create milky coffee drinks, the machine automatically rinses the milk circuit to free the part of contaminants.

No-Fuss Maintenance

Cleaning the Gaggia Accademia is very straight forward. Most parts are removable; this includes the brew group, dregs drawer, drip tray, milk carafe, bean hopper, and more. The machine will alert you if you need to empty the drip tray or dregs drawer, refill the bean hopper, and descale the machine.

Gaggia CafféClub

If you buy from a Gaggia-approved store, you’ll receive free 12-month access to the CafféClub. You’ll have in-house barista training, a free accessory kit, Barista training CD, de-scaling service for the first year (without fees), and discounts.

Product Specifications and Technical details

The Gaggia Accademia is a sight to behold. It is made mostly of quality stainless steel with a few plastic parts for accent. The bean hopper and water tank are both accessible at the top, which looks nice because the beans are hidden from sight. The power button is smacked in the middle at the top panel, while the buttons are displayed at the central panel, with the display just beneath them.

Its LCD display is bigger than most bean-to-cup machines in the market. The display gives you three cup options: small (espresso shot), medium and large with the steam icon on the top left corner. There’s a menu button, clock and explain icon as well. The menu directs you to various machine settings, where you could set the language, time, coffee volume, temperature, water hardness and more. You can also access the buttons for cleaning and a quick history of the number of drinks you’ve made.

If you have a small kitchen though, the Accademia may fill up your space quite easily since it measures 15.2″H x 11″W x 16.8″D and weighs a chunky 45 pounds. The front dispensing head is adjustable in height, which lets you use different-sized cups as small as an espresso shot or an Americano.

The removable brewing unit is covered by a five-year guarantee, which is longer than the standard 2-year warranties offered by other coffee machine brands.

Editorial Reviews

  • The Gaggia Accademia totally lives up to its reputation as an easy-to-use espresso machine that will deliver fantastic espresso in a short time. We recommend this machine unreservedly and do hope you invite us over for a cup when you get one of your own! We rate the Gaggia Accademia Espresso machine an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars! It only lost 0.5 points mainly because of the issue with the auto frother giving warm, rather than hot milk, otherwise we would have given it a perfect rating!

  • Gaggia represents a big name in the espresso machine marketplace. This Accademia takes the hassle and wait time out for the pure enjoyment of an espresso or a latte throughout the day. In the super-automatic category, it stands out with a few design characteristics that are absent in the competing brands or models. The biggest complaint by consumers in a super-automatic espresso maker is the lack of an external steam wand. This unit addressed it head on so you are in control of the frothing amount and more importantly, the temperature.

  • The Gaggia Academia Espresso Machine would seem to be a decent, reliable automatic machine, which is easy to use and also easy on the eye. It needs some regular maintenance though, as you may expect and the machine will help prod you when you need to do it.

  • Aside from a couple of little things, I think the Accademia is a really solid machine. I’m not really sure what, if any, “trickle-down” there really is for companies that make both commercial and home machines. In all of my many hours of research time devoted to espresso makers, the Accademia scored as high as any other super-automatic in the price range where it resides.

User Reviews

  • Rexford – (5/5) “There’s quite a few one star reviews of this machine, but they seem to relate to being not working right out of the box. There is some work to be done to get the machine set up for the first time, but once you’ve done that, this machine seems to be unstoppable. We’ve used it to serve way more coffees than it is classed for–we’ve done about 10,000 coffees (split amongst the various types) in the 6 months we’ve had this machine.”

  • Joondaloop – (5/5) “Bought it yesterday and it’s so easy to set up and use. So far, the coffee is perfect. If you want to change the temperature, strength, quantity etc, it can be done at the press of a button.”

  • Jack Eyley – (5/5) “I was very sceptical before purchasing this product due to the reviews listed on both the amazon UK and amazon US websites, but i am pleased to say after receiving and testing the product it certainly did not disappoint! Its certainly an improvement from my old gaggia cubica manual espresso machine.”

  • Suji – (4/5) “We finally settled on this machine because, although it is automatic, it can be programmed to suit your taste – stronger coffee, longer brewing, hotter water etc. We use good Arabica coffee beans and generally make cappuccino or espresso – both excellent every time.”

  • Phil C – (4/5) “This is a top of the range machine in terms of cost and its four star rating reflects that. Overall, it’s terrific with more adjustments to coffee taste than you’ll ever need.”

  • Iain Mair – (5/5) “Excellent item, came on time and has been used now for some time. The machine was meant for use in the house but was too large so we use it in our office kitchen.”

  • B. Facey – (4/5) “We have used this machine in a 30 person office for three years. It has broken down twice, but given the abuse it gets that is pretty good given it is not intended for industrial use. Some of the parts are not capable of withstanding heavy handed in the office environment. Would I buy it again? Well I think it probably needs to be replaced soon, and I wouldn’t hestitate buying another one.”

  • Methane Boy – (5/5) “For us this was a replacement for a 6 year old Gaggia Titanium Plus which had been around the block a few times. The bean hopper capacity is great, but the water tank a little lacking, however it is really easy to top up. The milk carafe is a little stiff, but I’m sure that will change with time. Auto cleaning is just wonderful. So much thought has gone into the dessign that all the little niggles of other machines have been designed out of this one.”

  • Piewaket – (5/5) “I’ve had this machine for 7 months and it makes a consistent mug of coffee/Latte/Cappuccino time after time.”

  • Paul – (5/5) “While the Accadamia has performed well thus far @ 100 cups, it has a long way to go to prove its loyalty to serving true coffeeholics. Local coffee shops have long learned the value of a beautiful barista and perhaps the designers of the Accadamia are cut from the same cloth. If waking up to a beautiful barista sitting on your counter stirs your soul then this is perfect for you. If you wake up in the morning and only have one leg in your pants before your hit the coffee button you may want to rethink the relationship.”

  • Scott – (5/5) “This machine is a workhorse. It throws out cup after cup and nails it every time. The product counter tells me that we’ve made over 2000 cups, so it gets a fair amount of use.”

  • Kevin L. – (5/5) “We bought this machine to replace a Nespresso. The Gaggia was a significant upfront cost, but we were consuming 8-10 Nespresso pods every day — making the ROI on the Academia less than a year. This machine is hard to beat for great coffee, convenience and price.”

  • Larry Ozuna – (5/5) “I thought I had lapsed into a temporary state of insanity for replacing my traditional drip maker for this over the top machine. BUT!, upon tasting my first cappuccino made at home, this cold stainless steel beast gave me a warm fuzzy feeling that made it all worth while. Expect to waste a few cups when you first run, for the purpose of fine tuning the adjustable settings, to get the best taste for your likings. Then it’s “can’t wait to get to bed, just so I can wake up to an amazing coffee drink in my undies!” (TMI?)”

  • Francesca Paschal – (5/5) “I recently purchased the Gaggia Accademia, after having the Gaggia Titanium for 4 years. As much as I loved my Titanium, I am so glad I made the decision to upgrade. The academia is AMAZING!”

  • Kevin Smith – (5/5) “After 5+ years with Gaggia Platinum Vision with milk island we upgraded to this machine 3 months ago. I was VERY hesitant after reading many semi-negative reviews here and on other sites, but now I heartily endorse this machine.”

  • Tatjana – (5/5) “Dont bother with anything else, just purchase this machine and you will be set for life. I have been using it for over 3 years, no issues, love my coffee, and after any trip coming back home is better due to my best coffee ever.”

  • Michael – (9/10) “Makes a great cup of coffee, compared to the Jura I had before you can really taste the flavour of the brew. I thought the cleaning was going to be a nightmare but its not, just a weekly clean of the brew unit and emptying the drip tray, everything else is automatic. Cappuccinos and Lattes so easy to make at the press of a button with creamy froth.”

  • Digby– (9/10) “easy to use, very tasty coffee, perfectly frothed milk. Expensive, but you get what you pay for.”


  • True one-push espresso-based drinks
  • Tons of personalisation options
  • High-quality grinder
  • Built-in water filtration system
  • Creates drinks very quickly
  • Separate steam wand and milk management system
  • Self-cleaning and removable parts for easy washing


  • Need to empty drip tray often
  • Earlier release didn’t work out of the box (hence low ratings on Amazon)
  • Max froth temperature not high enough


The Gaggia Accademia RI9702/04 is an extraordinary, fully automatic bean-to-cup machine that would serve coffee lovers for years. This coffee maker is best for people on-the-go, or like their coffee made quickly and consistently. And since this perfectly-designed machine has tons of customizable settings and pre-set drinks, you’ll be able to brew an espresso, caffe, cappuccino, latte macchiato, caffe lungo, and latte in seconds (after the initial set-up)!

The problem with the Accademia, as you noticed on Amazon, is that a batch of this impressive machine didn’t run properly out of the box, which is why the ratings are quite low. But, if you are lucky enough to own one that’s in 100% working order, then you’re in for a treat. The Accademia will definitely become one of your most-used kitchen appliance at home, or the favorite spot of employees in the office.